Dr. Bryan Valdez- Chiropractic

10788 Harry Hines Blvd. Ste. D27, Dallas, TX 75220, 214-900-2501

I started seeing Dr. Valdez about 3 years ago because I had severe back pain that was shooting into my arm and his office was 15 minutes from where I was working. As soon as I explained the problem to Dr Valdez he immediately began treating my back. He did not just massage my back like some other people I had tried, he seemed to know exactly the areas of my back that needed the most work and proceeded to work my back muscles and down into my arm. I must admit there were times the pain was so bad I wanted to jump off the table but I knew that I needed all the manipulation he was doing, bit my lip and let him keep going until he finished. I had several followup treatments that made me feel better each time until I was just needing monthly treatments because the type of work I was doing at the time would continue to strain my back and Bryan was able to take care of me every time. Definitely the best Chiropractor I had visited in Dallas, at a very reasonable price.