About Me


Hello my name is Fred aka Guinea Pig, I just turned 56 this year and I realized it was much harder to lose weight now than ever before. I had started my meal substitute program (that had worked really well just 5 years ago) but I was not seeing any results this time and after seeing all the lose weight fast advertisements and reading about the different natural remedies I decided I would try the different cheap and or easy to obtain, natural remedies for one month and write about my results, thus the birth of Guinea Pig. The only requirements I had, I did not have the time to exercise right now and I did not want to throw away all the bread, and everything else many of the experts say you have to eliminate from your diet if you want to lose weight and buy all new “healthy” foods.

I have had many friends and family say there is no way to lose weight without exercise and or diet modification but that is when I started to see the Ads for products that claim to work without changing eating routines etc.. and I decided I had to try these different products/remedies until I found the right product or combination of supplements, super-foods or their equivalent. Too, I knew I would come across some products that would not help at all and if I could review these items and help someone else not waste their time and money I wanted to do that as well.

This blog is not intended to be one sided so if you have any comments, questions or ideas I would love to hear them below. Just so you know once the weight loss has been achieved that will not end this blog because then I will be looking for those supplements etc that improve general health and wellness too (especially for those of us over 40). Thanks for visiting my website.


Founder “Health and Wellness for Men”