CBD for Pain and ED – Why this is a good option

Many people are talking about CBD oils for many ailments but you may have not heard that CBD for ED is a very real option. As I have gotten a little older I have had reasons to look into different methods of making sure I can perform when needed not when I was good and ready, Like most men I thought about taking a pharmaceutical product, but which “blue pill” or other choice is best and safest, or would a herbal supplement be better, or is there a possibility that the new wonder supplement (CBD) could be an option. Having a desire to find a product that would have the desired effect without any strange or (worse) detrimental side effects, I began to look for the best option.

After a great deal of research and a desire to see results quickly and also hoping to see extra benefits like eliminating back pain caused by a broken disk and a pinched nerve at the base of my neck that shot pain into my arms and hands, I decided to try CBD oil, 750mg from CTFO ( Chew the Fat Off ). I ran across CTFO looking primarily for an easy weight loss product but CTFO recently released CBD products and I knew that CBD was known to help reduce pain, and possibly help with ED so I felt like this was a logical product to try. As an added benefit CTFO has a program where you can have a website for free that you can sell and purchase the products and purchase the products for yourself at a discounted rate so I decided to give it a try.

Pain Killing

Upon receiving my CBD oil I started taking the 20 drops under my tongue as directed and quickly found out that was not going to work well for me because I could not tell if I had put 20 drops or not. So first I started adding it to a little water which worked fairly well but some CBD oil would stay at the bottom of the glass and again I was not sure if I was getting the best results because I was not getting the full dose. After some additional attempts at mixing with food I realized I could put 10 drops on a corner of my piece of toast and put the bread under my tong without losing the CBD oil and then I placed 10 more drops on another section of my toast and placed it under my tong as well. So now after taking the CBD oil successfully taking the recommended dosage and only 1 time per day, I have been able to control my back pain and eliminate my other pain killer that I had used for several months and another benefit was that my anxiety attacks were happening less often which was a big plus.


I have to admit I was thinking that the 750 mg CBD oil may not be strong enough to help with the ED but now after a month I am noticing a significant improvement in that area as well. Of course, I never went to a doctor to find out why I was having the ED, whether it was stress related, psychological or because of other medical issues or maybe even the medications I had been taking to help relax my muscles, I really do not know why but now I am getting back to normal and I feel quite confident that it is because of the CBD oil.

Other Benefits
The last benefit still remains to be seen if the multilevel marketing aspect of getting my CBD oils from CTFO works but I do have 2 free web sites, the one I think might actually do something. Now, http://fzhabon.MyCTFOCBD.com is my site for the CBD oil, since I am an affiliate I set up a monthly order at a significant discount off of the retail price and after looking at several manufactures I realized CTFO had very competitive prices for the 750 mg CBD oil. You could find cheaper prices on CBD oil but it was not as strong so when comparing apples to apples, CTFO was a good product to try. I was definitely ready to try a different CBD product if I did not see results but at this point I do not see a reason to change.

So In Conclusion
After hearing about the: Endo Cannibinoid System that helps our bodies reach homeostasis. That told me that our bodies are able to use the cannibinoides to make our bodies “balanced” and so diabetes, cancer and some other major medical problems could all be controlled by taking CBD oil. I really like the idea that taking the CBD oil may be doing more to help my body than I realize right now. I may decide to start taking the 1500 mg CBD oil but only if I start making money from the multi level marketing aspect of CTFO.  As of right now I am very satisfied with the 750 mg CBD oil that I am currently taking. If I had to I could start taking the 20 drops twice a day or even more if needed without worrying about over medicating or worse becoming addicted. Too, I decided a long time ago, if I ever was diagnosed with cancer or any other deadly disease I would start taking Medical Marijuana before any other medications or worse radiation therapy because I believe in the healing power of Hemp. I will continue to report on any change in results good or bad so stay tuned. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them.





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One thought on “CBD for Pain and ED – Why this is a good option

  1. Honestly speaking, I don’t know what is in those little blue pills so, I would stick as close to nature as possible. I wouldn’t put any of those lab tested pills anywhere in my system. Marijuana is the most natural form of relaxant when it comes to easing pain and is widely known for other remedies. Marijuana has been given horrific misconceptions and a bad name. I think it’s time to finally wake up and realize this.

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